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Media Contact

If you have marketing media questions, please contact;

Darjon Bittner
Director of Marketing


Office / Division Locations

GDT Innovation Campus
999 Metromedia Place
Dallas, TX 75247
Tel: 214.857.6100
Fax: 214.857.6500

GDT Manufacturing
9004 Ambassador Row
Dallas, TX 75247
Tel: 214.857.6262

GDT Arkansas
400 West Capitol Ave
Suite 1722
Little Rock, AR 72201

GDT Houston
10370 Richmond Ave
Suite 250
Houston, TX 77042
Tel: 832.714.3100
Fax: 832.714.3190

GDT Northeast
179 Bear Hill Rd.
Suite 204
Waltham, MA 02451
Tel: 781.786.7400

GDT San Antonio
16022 Via Shavano
San Antonio, TX 78249
Tel: 210.265.1091
Fax: 210.265.1094

GDT Sales and Services Delivery
1506 Moran Road
Dulles, VA 20166

GDT Sales and Services Delivery
1033 Jefferson St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

International Offices
GDT Australia
GDT Brazil
GDT Canada
GDT Canada Ltd
GDT Hong Kong
GDT Singapore
GDT United Kingdom