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Enhance your security posture with our

Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop

Watch this video to see how this complimentary workshop will help you enhance your security posture.

Enhance your security posture with our

Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop

Watch this video to see how this complimentary workshop will help you enhance your security posture.

In today's evolving threat landscape, it's critical to protect your organization from security breaches. The first step is understanding your cybersecurity program’s strengths and weaknesses. That’s why GDT is offering a complimentary Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop, designed to help you enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

GDT Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop

Just like regular health check-ups are essential for evaluating physical health, periodic cybersecurity health checks are crucial for protecting your organization. GDT Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop offers valuable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy, mitigate risks, and safeguard business operations.

Led by GDT security experts, this half-day workshop will help you understand your cybersecurity program’s strengths, limitations, gaps, and exposures. You’ll walk away with actionable recommendations to help you bolster your defense and lower risk.

What’s Included

  Cybersecurity program review of your program’s current capabilities and limitations

  Cybersecurity tool analysis of essential security protections deployed within your organization’s existing tools to ensure coverage and identify gaps

  External exposure risks review of your organization’s external cybersecurity posture and publicly facing exposures, along with Dark Web analysis to identify potential risks

Workshop Deliverables

report wh

Report of findings, including potential

risk wh(1)

Prioritized recommendations based on risk to your organization

score wh(1)

Dark Web scorecard of your organization’s external security posture

analyst wh(1)

Results briefing by GDT cybersecurity

Benefits of Our Free Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop

Expert-Led Evaluation

Leverage GDT's expertise to accelerate threat detection, prioritization, and mitigation, reducing risk and enhancing your security operations.

Comprehensive Review

Gain insights into the health of your cybersecurity ecosystem and capabilities.


Improved Efficacy

Stop threats like ransomware with high-fidelity telemetry and pairing human expertise with AI.

Actionable Recommendations

Walk away with a clear plan to protect your digital assets and mitigate risks.


Dark Web Analysis

Discover the information and elements related to your organization that are exposed on the Dark Web or the public internet.

Better Experiences

Reduce time to investigate and recover with clear prioritization and streamlined investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost to participate in the Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop?
No, the workshop is completely free of charge.
Is there any obligation to work with GDT after the workshop?
No, there is no obligation to engage GDT for further services following the workshop.
How long does the workshop take?
The workshop is designed to be a 4-to-6-hour interactive session.
Who will conduct the workshop?
The workshop will be led by Jeanne Malone – VP – Cybersecurity at GDT and her team of cybersecurity experts. As the head of GDT’s security practice and an industry veteran, Jeanne Malone and her team help customers worldwide advance their cybersecurity posture.
What will I gain from this workshop?
You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the strengths and gaps in your current cybersecurity program, a Dark Web scorecard, a results briefing, and prioritized recommendations.


What should I prepare before the workshop?
As soon as you express your interest in attending the workshop, our team of experts will contact you to finalize a time and schedule for the workshop. They will even provide you with guidance on any specific preparations required to ensure the workshop is as productive as possible.

Safeguard Your Business with Cybersecurity Breach Protection from GDT

With the high cost of security breaches, it’s never been more important to have a breach protection plan in place. GDT offers a number of options to help safeguard your organization, including Cybersecurity Security Breach Protection, a Cisco-powered solution that is designed to empower your security operations center (SOC), streamline operations, accelerate threat detections, prioritize responses, and block threats across your organization.

Backed by actionable threat intelligence and AI-driven insights, Cybersecurity Breach Protection from GDT enables your security organization to detect, prioritize, and mitigate threats across your entire environment with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

To find out if Cybersecurity Breach Protection from GDT is right for your organization, sign up for GDT’s complimentary Cybersecurity Health Check Workshop today and take the first step towards a more secure future.


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