Artificial Intelligence: Implementation

GDT, a global partner in digital transformation journeys, accelerates client digitalization and business goals by transforming and modernizing client platforms, networks, and security. As a partner with HPE since 2020, our alliance brings together technology, services, and partnerships for at-scale AI solutions.

A successfully managed AI implementation starts with clear intent – is the intelligence going to be used for knowledge about the business, from applications, or through data?

The world is replacing programming with training, and Artificial Intelligence is accelerating the pace of that change. For AI models to work well, they need good data to learn from. There is no shortage of data but, according to Forbes, 80% of data needs preparation because only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards, according to HBR. While data engineers are refactoring the data, data scientists develop the data models.

Once the data and models are ready, the next step is the level of mining – how deep does the learning need to be? There are a series of AI intra-relationships, solving from simple to complex problems – the simplest tasks fall under Artificial intelligence, then there is Machine Learning (ML), then Artificial Neural Networks, and finally Deep Learning. The process is iterative, and software performance is improved by changing what data the model is training on, not by changing the model.

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AI solutions are optimized by determining where the data lives and where to efficiently analyze it, whether at the edge, in a private cloud, or in the public cloud. If not properly addressed, the resulting costs for managing and processing data can be exorbitant. GDT works with HPE Greenlake to help manage those costs by assessing the existing hardware portfolio and optimizing the on-prem and off-prem GPU/ CPU data processing. With increasing frequency, GDT is recommending the use of HPE’s GreenLake enterprise private cloud to achieve the highest level of efficiencies. These types of data center solutions, along with GDT’s managed services, help better manage hybrid cloud environments.

As a Managed Service Provider, GDT works with HPE to fill customer skill gaps in the AI-ML space. Larger customers engage in local, onsite workshops, with the goal of identifying top use cases, and optimizing the necessary people, processes, and technology for AI-ML project management.  For smaller customers, there are quarterly hands-on workshops on AI deployment.

HPE is one of the leaders in private cloud with its GreenLake offering and compute services. If you would like more information on how GDT can service your company’s needs with HPE solutions, contact us.