HPE GreenLake

GDT, a global partner in digital transformation journeys, accelerates client digitalization and business goals by transforming and modernizing client platforms, networks, and security. As a partner with HPE since 2020, our alliance brings together technology, services, and partnerships for at-scale private cloud solutions.

The Cloud Comes to You

The conversations around Big Data and data centers have transitioned into more complex conversations about increasing data volume, efficient data access, analytics, on-prem and off-prem data processing facilities, and computing power growth. Creating a company-wide program that integrates those topics is complex, especially because every company has a unique set of requirements.

The big challenge is the increasing egress costs of pulling data from the cloud to “operationalize” an AI-ML project. For optimized data center efficiency, companies are keeping frequently accessed data at the edge to help them save money and get real time data analysis and updates.

Enterprise Private Cloud

The HPE GreenLake solution is ideal for edge data processing. By focusing on business, application, and/ or data outcomes, the GDT enterprise private cloud is readily optimized and provides flexibility, security, consistency, and efficiency. The user access provides visibility into customer data, applications, application identity, and access management, including SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for:

  • Monitoring infrastructure
  • Capacity management
  • Configuration management
  • Maintenance activities
  • Patches and upgrades
  • ITSM process and tools
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Behind the user-interface, the hardware and software components are designed for compute, storage, and network, incorporating a cloud-like experience that helps consolidate datacenters, address technical debt, and accelerate IT provisions.

GDT’s comprehensive managed services cover hybrid cloud, governance, support, security, data protection, and disaster recovery.

End-to-End Datacenter and Cloud Management


GDT’s services encompass the full IT stack of HPE computing solutions -- on-premise, colocation, and cloud. There is a 24x7x365 global delivery model that provides ongoing systems monitoring. Routine operations cover proactive updates, alerts for incidents, and problem resolutions. System administration includes secure remote access, Operating Systems support, security updates, backups, and capacity management.

Full Lifecycle DC & Cloud Solutions and Services

Starting with robust onboarding, GDT has a six-stage process to ensure the most effective design and deployment for each customer:


It is an iterative lifecycle, because GDT does not think of a contract as a one-off engagement. Instead, each engagement is considered a part of an ongoing relationship, ensuring a superior delivery experience for every type of IT need.

Additionally, in such a quickly evolving environment, it is critical to maintain primary partners that have deep expertise in the newest technologies. HPE is one of those top tier partners.

Return On Investment


Companies tend to choose between dedicated on-prem solutions and public cloud solutions for their data storage. The concern is that on-prem solutions require dedicated, knowledgeable staff and public cloud has higher costs to access it data. HPE GreenLake services offer a more affordable option. It is 65% less compared to an on-prem solution at 100% capacity, and it is 45% less than using public cloud at 80% capacity. Plus, after implementation, customers maintain extra “burst” capacity for vCPU, vMem, and GBs of storage at no additional charge.

HPE is one of the leaders in private cloud, compute, and artificial intelligence. If you would like more information on how GDT can service your company’s needs with HPE solutions, contact us.